The Oyster Hotel | A Co-op Mafia PC Game in Purgatory


The Oyster Hotel is a co-op pc adventure game about crime couple Ned and Julia - bank robbers and renowned criminals - who die and arrive in purgatory to work under the command of an eccentric Fox named Felix at The Oyster Hotel as lightworkers.

What kind of game is The Oyster Hotel?

The Oyster Hotel is a PC same screen third person couch co-op action/adventure strategy fighting game with beat ‘em up elements.  The Oyster Hotel focuses on co-op, narrative interaction. You get to drive things, shoot crazy weapons and get superpowers from drinking different kinds of coffee. The Oyster Hotel features advanced fighting mechanics, including a parry combat system, co-op fighting moves, some pretty sweet weapons and hand-to-hand fighting inspired by martial arts, fencing, tai chi and a wide range of dance from swing to breakdancing.

We put a heavy focus on teamwork because we really wanted to create a game that brings people together and helps them to work better together as a team, but the single player mode is a grand adventure in and of itself.

Music was created by

Elijah's father, Willis K. Hamilton, developed all of the music for The Oyster Hotel. He currently resides in Missouri, where all the music for The Oyster Hotel was created independently in his studio.

About the Game Creation

The Oyster Hotel was created and developed in Michigan entirely by us - a married couple, Elijah and Erin Hamilton, who make up the small team of Mitten Pixels LLC.  The Oyster Hotel has  been developed over a span of 2 years with the past year being spent working relentlessly to build out the foundation of the game and create our demo.

During the course of creating The Oyster Hotel, we've welcomed a beautiful daughter named Bear and are expecting our second child this spring. We still live in a rural town in Michigan where we’ve done all of the modeling, texturing, storytelling, lighting, color correction, animation and coding from home.