Coming to Kickstarter 2/12/19
Coming to PC December 15, 2018

In the 1920's The Oyster Hotel was a happening spot with amazing jazz, dancing , and legendary performances. It's the 1960's and the joint don't look too hot.

The Oyster Hotel now floods, loses power, and is plagued with ghost tales, sleepwalking guests and strange occurrences surrounding the jukebox.

Ned and Julia live in room 22. They pretty much take care of the place along with two smaller folks named Giuseppe and Vivienne, who mainly fix the clocks and love discovering new old cheeses.

Keep the hotel running and prevent flooding by fixing the clocks before you jump back in time or deal with unwanted mobsters, the broken heart of Big Mama Mae and Frederick a overzealous wise guy with smarts who steals your energy.

The Oyster Hotel is a time traveling adventure from 1960 to 1920.

It is a local co-op adventure game for PC where you play as Ned head of maintenance and cappuccino lover and Julia, radio host and self-proclaimed event planner. Occasionally you play as Giuseppe and Vivienne, masters at fixing clocks.

About the Game Creation

The Oyster Hotel was created by Elijah and Erin Hamilton, a married game development team.  We met working at an ad agency in Detroit, fell in love and left together to create wildly creative things. We've been working on the game for almost 2 years now, with a vision for creating a legendary couch co-op adventure that you could get lost in while playing it with your favorite human. It's an all original game that we wrote and developed directly from our imaginations. Elijah's dad put his musical chops and a lot of love into the soundtrack. We are putting on the finishing touches and will be releasing the game in December of 2018. A million thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported us along the way.

With Love, 

Erin & Elijah