The Oyster Hotel | A Co-op Mafia PC Game in Purgatory

What kind of game is this?

The Oyster Hotel is a PC same screen third person couch co-op action/adventure strategy fighting game with beat ‘em up elements. The Oyster Hotel focuses on co-op, narrative interaction. You get to drive things, shoot crazy weapons and get superpowers from drinking different kinds of coffee. The Oyster Hotel features advanced fighting mechanics, including co-op fighting moves, some pretty sweet weapons and hand-to-hand fighting inspired by martial arts, fencing, tai chi and a wide range of dance from swing to breakdancing.

So, what's the story about?

The Oyster Hotel is a co-op action-adventure PC game about criminal partners Ned and Julia who wind up at The Oyster Hotel in purgatory by Saint Peter to work for an overzealous fox named Felix going back in time with the guests of the hotel to journey with them as they re-experience key moments in their past lives. Things can get a little dicey. Best case scenario, you make your way out of purgatory. Worst case... well, we'll let you find out for yourself.

The Oyster Hotel is Dedicated to and Created For Partners of All Kinds Best Friends who enjoy each other's company and want to go on an adventure in purgatory. Close kin and family who want to fight for redemption in the afterlife. Married couples who need that mental vacay that allows them to have an adventure of fighting off mobsters and anybody who opposes their togetherness. New couples who want to know how far they would go from purgatory and beyond to defend each other and protect St Peters real estate. Co-workers/biz partners/anyone else that has a major project or meeting or thing that they want to go into with a united front.

A loyal thief and devoted husband to Julia, Ned got his start in crime stealing jewels and antiquities from the shipyards where he met Julia. Over the course of his short life, he worked his way up in the crime world, upsetting large mob figures, agitating the law, and finding his own eternal nemesis in Sheriff Wanuski.


A heart of gold would be putting it lightly - fierce is a better word for a woman who has been chewed up by the jaws of death, spit out and lived to tell about it. Ain't no-body gonna push over Julia for nothing, no way no how, and you sure want to stay on her good side. Meeting Ned on the shipyard while searching for her father was more than enough to convince her some things are just meant to be.  

A finely-tuned instrument of class and substance and born into leadership, the ruler of The Oyster Hotel is sly in her essence and not afraid to put gun to fist and bullets to anything that don't go her way. She has to deliver on the souls that she promised, and like her mother she don't plan on losing or going out without a fight. Play by her rules and you'll be a-ok. Disappoint her and you may find yourself in a darker corner of purgatory than you anticipated.

A hard case to crack, Florence has seen his share of the good and bad sides of life and of purgatory, the sins of the saints and the basement dwellers alike. It don't sit to right in his stomach, but he's just the driver for St. Peter, delivering souls back in forth to the Oyster Hotel and beyond...for now... 

The Boss, as he prefers to be called, St. Peter rules purgatory with an iron fist and an armory that most could only dream of. There are few who dare to cross him, and those who have have suffered fates far worse than death and eternal damnation. (Bet you didn't know that was possible.) He also has exquisite taste in coffee and can roast a bean beyond compare.  

Owned everything including the circus on the boardwalk and people loved him - until he started breaking the rules was banished to the basement where he dwells with the others - In madness and in slight the aura of bad intentions grew closer to him - Lenny had become ill minded, ill fated and filled with hatred.  A crook and mobster Lenny wanted nothing more than basement dwellers to have the top floor - to explore - to once again inhabit that source of life - and he being him he would do anything to get it.

The storm was happening in Vinny always before he arrived in purgatory and so he was banished to the basement. He was able to manage extorting special coffee from the drop points in Purgatory... He would later side with Lenny and rule over the the basement dwellers using their weakness of coffee and distorting their minds to do awful things and steal the identity of those guest at The Oyster Hotel.

The detective in him stirred with emotion when thinking about Ned and Julia - a thorn in his side and the reason his family left him.  He was obsessed they said - he disagreed.  He swore was simply trying to take two more crooks off the street. He fantasized about what he would do to them when he did catch them: Take from Ned what Ned taken from him.