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Story and Characters

Ned is in his head. He's also head of Maintenance at The Oyster Hotel, but sometimes he jokes that he's the head of Flooding because it floods a lot... He's married to the love of his life, Julia. He works with and confides in Giuseppe. They play cards and talk life sometimes. He’s always working. Fixing the pumps, fixing the clocks, working on that ongoing guest book of his that keeps records on every guest ever.

Julia met Ned at a train station. She will always remember the very moment because it felt as though time stood still and the world around them chimed a background symphony. She loves sounds of life - roaring trains, laughter and folks talking, coffee dripping , and even the static of the radio. She's a radio host. She loves bringing people together. She uses the radio to cheer them up or wake them from sleepwalking...

Smit was master of the keys and world famous for his musical talents. In 1919 he met Mama Mae, an up and coming jazz singer. They fell in love, started a band and toured the world. Story goes, Mama Mae was overbearing, demanding too much of the spotlight for herself. So Smit split. On his own, his fame and legend grew until his strange disappearance in 1922.

Big Mama Mae ain't nothin’ to mess with. In 1915, she got her start at The Oyster Hotel as a waitress, met Smit and started singing her heart out. Meeting him made life all the sweeter; he encouraged her to chase her dreams and let her cut loose when she wasn't in the spotlight. He gave her peace and then took it away when he decided to go solo. If you ask her, she’ll be the first to tell you Smit ruined her career… he ruined her.

Master of the clocks, Giuseppe just fixes the clocks and claims to know nothing about what happens when The Oyster Hotel Floods and the power goes out and everything stops working and time gets kind of blurry… No, no... Giuseppe just does the clocks... he fixes them and the power is fine. For now... Giuseppe moved to Pier Harbor in 1890 when he was just a boy. He met Vivien who lived under the cheese factory where he ate lunch every day. They've been inseperable ever since.

Vivienne has traveled the underside of Pier Harbor her entire life. Raised by a Cat, she can hold her own. She understands how gears in clocks work because mother could not get a good nights sleep with all the clocks around, so when she was a kid she learned how to dissemble them with ease. Being a great dancer and snazzy dresser, she dreams of a life in the spotlight.

Mela has the thirst for one thing: Justice. But she settles for being a hired hand in exchange for donuts, fine napkins and essence drinks (a teeny, tiny little spritzer to sip on that ghosts, time travelers and other interesting folks use to be able to communicate with one another.)

George used to be a world class boxer; now he's permanent guest of The Oyster Hotal. He barely leaves unless to go fishing, and he sleepwalks a whole lot. Whenever he does, he makes a beeline for the jukebox to play his favorite song. For the nine thousandth time.  

Tom stands in the crossroads of destiny and a warm meal. A good musician, he lacks the attention to detail that would allow said musician to play and eventually prosper. Whenever he's about to show the world (meaning the guests at the hotel...) something always seems to go awry.

Felix is the manager of The Oyster Hotel. She'll be the first to tell you about how much she loves her family. No one knows what happened to her mother, she disappeared after the great cheese riots.